Rental Information

Lawrence Lodge, Village Residence, Village Art Center, Vineyard Cabin, Welch Cottage, two Camp Cabins and the four hermitages are the over-night facilities at De Sales Center. The buildings are often available for rent by nonprofit church, school and community organizations. Use the menu above (FACILITIES) to find out more about each building.

Reserving the chapel for communal prayer is done through email on a first come, first served basis. When not used by a group, the chapel is available to all guests for quiet prayer.

Our rental rates do not include linens & housekeeping (groups often bring their own sheets and towels and clean the building(s) before leaving). However, all of these services are available for an additional fee.

Small groups can cook their own meals in their snack kitchens at no extra cost. Some groups combine this with a few carry-out meals from the local restaurants. Please note: the main kitchen at Lawrence Lodge, as well as the Lodge's dish room, are not available to groups preparing their own meals. The main kitchen is used only by DSC staff when a group purchases a Meal Plan.

Use the Availability Calendar to find out if buildings are available or already reserved. Use the Hermitages link for hermitage availability. Please read the Terms and Conditions before signing the contract.

To reserve a building, print the Registration Form, fill it out, and mail it to us with your deposit. Use the Hermitage link for hermitage reservations and the Carl's Family Village link for Village reservations.

Thank you for your interest in De Sales Center.