Village Residence

Lawrence Lodge

Vineyard Cabin

Village Commons

Bailey Hall

Sacred Heart Chapel

Minimum occupancy*:

24 people

14 people*

4 people




Recommended occupancy:

36 people

28 people

30 people

88 people

25-80 people


Maximum (or hourly):

60 people

46 people

32 people

100 people

$75 hourly OR

$30 hourly OR

One Night:




$400 flat fee

$300 flat fee

$120 flat fee

Two Nights:




$600 flat fee

$450 flat fee

$180 flat fee

For each additional night:




$200 flat fee

$150 flat fee

$60 flat fee

Weekend DAY Rate:




$400 flat fee

$225 day rate

$90 day rate

Weekday DAY Rate:




$400 flat fee

**See note below

***See note below

* Minimum Occupancy: Groups are charged for at least this number of people. During the pandemic our minimum Lodge occupancy will be 14 people. We will return to a minimum of 18 people when larger group gatherings are allowed.

Catholic schools and parish youth groups (Grades 7-12) qualify for special pricing that include meals. Click here.

Meals are not included in the prices above. Prices do include use of the snack kitchen for your own cooking. Groups wanting meals or use of Welch Cottage should contact Fr. Ken McKenna to check on availability.

** 50% off Bailey Hall for groups of 25 or more renting Lawrence Lodge.

***The chapel is supported entirely through donations. A donation is automatically given to the chapel when renting Lawrence Lodge, Village Residence or a hermitage. There is no need to donate again. Groups using just the chapel and with the resources are asked to help cover chapel expenses by donating the recommended amount. Thank you for your support.

Towel Rental
$7 a set of towels (bath towel and wash cloth)
Adventure Course
The Adventure Course fee is $5 per person per day. Groups provide their own instructors and insurance.
Sheet Rental
$7 a set (your group make the beds)
$14 a set (DSC staff make the beds)
Full Cleaning Fee
(for groups who would rather have our staff clean the building after departure)
Lawrence Lodge: $140; Vineyard, Blue Cabin, and Welch Cottage: $100 each; Bailey Hall and Woods Cabins: $30 each
Early Arrive & Late Departure
Groups arriving before 3 PM or departing after 2 PM will be charged a flat, hourly rate of $35 per hour per building.
50% Cleaning Fee
You may do light cleaning (vacuum, straighten up, fold blankets, clean sinks and mirrors) & leave the thorough cleaning (shower stalls, bathroom floors, etc.) for our staff. If you prefer this, the cost is 50% of the fees above.