Terms & Conditions


A non-refundable deposit of $100 per building is needed to hold your reservation. The balance of the rental fee and full payment of meal and other fees are due no later than four weeks after your departure.


You will be billed a $400 late cancellation fee IF you cancel your reservation less than three (3) weeks before arrival (this is in addition to losing your deposit).


You are expected to pay for replacement or repair of stolen or damaged equipment, and any other damage to the buildings and/or property at DSC caused by members of your group.


Your organization must possess general liability insurance and agree to a save harmless clause protecting De Sales Center and its staff from any fees associated with a lawsuit brought against your organization due to the action or inaction of your staff while at DeSales Center.


Groups are expected to arrive after 3 PM and depart before 2 PM. This gives our staff time to prepare for the next group. Those needing to arrive earlier or depart later must check with the registrar first. Cost for early arrival/late departure: $30 per hour for Lawrence Lodge; $5 per hour for the Vineyard Cabin.


We require at least one adult chaperone for every 15 participants under the age of 19.


Please estimate the size of your group on the Group Rental Registration Form. For groups with meals, an exact number must be given at least one week before arrival. Groups will be charged that number, regardless of attendance. A few extra people/meals can be added upon arrival. Foir groups without meals, you will be charged only for the number of people in attendance as long as you stay above the minimums.


Our usual meal times are: Breakfast: 8 AM; Lunch: Noon; Supper: 5:30 PM. Groups are welcomed to move the meal times 30 minutes one way or the other (e.g. 7:30 AM; 11:30 AM; 5:00 AM OR 8:30 AM; 12:30 PM; 6:00 PM).


The Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Chapel is open 24-hours a day and is used for quiet prayer and reflection. Please contact the registrar if you would like to reserve specific times in the chapel for communal prayer. Except when used by the Oblate community or a retreat group for Mass or a prayer services, talking is not permitted in the chapel.


Your group may share the grounds with other groups. For swimming, a certified lifeguard must be present whenever members of your group are in the water (you must provide your own lifeguards). Use of other buildings on the grounds is prohibited, unless special arrangements have been made through the office. Canoes and other boats are not available.


Please check with the registrar for the availability of the outdoor adventure course. We no longer provide instructors for the course, nor carry liability insurance for them. The registrar has a list of people who are familiar with the course. Your organization would need to directly contract an instructor, and, if they do not carry their own insurance, would be liable for any harm resulting from their direction or performance. Group leaders are encourages to oversee the activities on the course, and eliminate any obstacle deemed too risky.


The contact person is responsible for orienting your group to the following policies:

• Meeting rooms can be modified - but furniture should be put back prior to leaving.

• Bedroom furniture should not be moved. Pictures and crosses should remain on the walls.

• Groups not renting our sheets, pillow cases and towels should bring their own and use them. Blankets and pillows are provided.

• Vehicles should drive and park in designated areas only (i.e. not on the lawn or sidewalks).

• Groups wishing to build fires need to provide their own firewood (dead wood can be collected from our property, cutting of live trees is prohibited). Because termites sometimes live in firewood, all firewood must be left outside. Lawrence Lodge has a wood-burning fireplace indoors. We highly recommend bringing a few duraflame logs ($2 each in most stores) - they are easy to light, clean, and can be stored inside. Outdoor campfires must be built at an approved site and be supervised until extinguished. Please contact the registrar to reserve a campfire site.

• Candles burning is permitted ONLY in the Lodge dining room, Lodge meeting room and Chapel and ONLY when people are present. Candles should be safely position and supervised. Groups will be charged a cleaning fee for wax removal from carpets and floors.

• Groups not purchasing our housekeeping service are expected to clean the building(s) prior to departure. Cleaning supplies and cleaning instructions are provided at DSC. It takes about 5 hours for a single person to clean Lawrence Lodge. Groups working together can reduce this time tremendously, but we still recommend a few adults staying behind to do the final touch-up. Cleaning supplies are provided.

• You will find a mattress cover, pillows and two blankets on each bed upon arrival (please check to make sure all is there). When you depart, please return the pillows and blankets to their original locations. Leave mattress covers on the mattresses. This allows you and us to easily check to see that nothing is missing from the rooms.

• Alcohol, non-prescription drugs, firearms, weapons, ATV's and snowmobiles are not allowed on the premises.

• Smoking is only permitted outside or on the screened-in porch of Lawrence Lodge.